House Washing

House exteriors are exposed to harmful natural or man-made elements. Taking care of these elements (mold, mildew, dirt, smoke from barbecues, insects etc.) are crucial in order not to ruin the beauty and reduce the value of your property permanently. Vineyard Power Washing will offer first tier care to your home so you can dwell comfortably with your family and friends.


Cleaning your deck is part of its annual maintenance. We clean decks and check the woods for loose nails or rough spots that could cause tripping or splinters. Vineyard Power Washing is ready to see your decks free from algae, mold, mildew and dirt. We will apply the right washing techniques to restore your decks to a brand new state.

Deck Staining

We also provide staining and sealing, which makes your decks look brand new. The process removes decaying organic material that might erode the deck’s surface and prepares it for staining.

Roof Cleaning

Roofs are very expensive to repair and your house is a big investment. Vineyard Power Washing can help you maintain and take care of this investment. Black streaks and algae are the culprits that destroy the surface of your roof. The Blue-Gran Algae is airborne and spreads rapidly, further causing humidity. Call us today to get a free estimate to protect your roof.

Gutter Cleaning

A clogged gutter is non-functional. Gutters should be properly maintained to foster proper drainage. Gutters function well when they are serviced in the spring and fall. Feel free to contact us for more information and help in regards to consistent gutter cleaning.

Masonry, Blue Stone & Brick Walkways 

After a long winter and a colorful spring, a green walkway is not what you want your guests to see when they visit. Vineyard Power Washing has the right tools to remove the mold, mildew, pollens and algae from bricks and blue stones. We even clean pool areas to ensure a more appealing look. Call us today for your aesthetically appealing patio.

Furniture Soft Wash

 Molds and mildew bring a bad odor and a very unclean look to the surface of furniture. It is always wise to get rid of them before they spread into larger quantities. Contact us to get your furniture and other home equipment looking brand new again.

Fence Washing

Contact us today to wash all sides of your fencing. Our machines are equipped to display hot or cold water that cleanse thoroughly to get rid of the built-up elements on your front and back-yard fences.